In Another Life

When we were eleven , we played catch at the yard;
You said your Daddy had it specially manicured for us.
When we were twelve, we danced to rock bands.
Then we were thirteen, you asked me out;
And I blushed that whole dinner date.

Because then, and now, we give stars silly names.
And here, somehow, our love has no frame.
And even though we've become a tad bit older;
Our love still remains.

I'm seventeen, you're two years older
Your future's calling: mine's just as loud.
I want to say our love won't smoulder;
But raging fire to ash is the way of this world.
Remember: when we were fourteen, you kissed me first;
And I just sat there and let you.

Because then, and now, we give everybody nicknames
And here, always, our love has no frame
And even though we're a tad bit wiser;
Our love still remains.

I'm twenty four, I got a law degree;
You're an up and coming engineer- and, it seems to me-
The future isn't ours, it's for those who see:
Teenage lov…


A Different Shade of Blue

The Ear needs An Ear Too.

I may be that friend that you always run to:
I may be the forever shoulder to cry on.
Have you ever thought- that I need one too?
Or that someday, the supporting pillar may fall?

I have problems too!, I'm human as well.
And though the lent ear can't speak- I've so much I could tell.
Though through the years, I've bottled it up;
Learnt to put a sweet fa├žade and look like I give no cr*p.

Do you not see that past the strong marble walls
Is brittle, cracking glass, or must you wait till it falls?
Can you not hear, me silently screaming for you?
Or are You, like the rest, stuck up and selfish too?

Is it too much to ask, that for this one time,
Instead of bawling to me, and waiting for my smile;
You could lend my heart an ear, and let me cry.
Or will you just assume, that I'm silent because I'm shy?

Should I cry you a river and let you swim in it:
Or should I scream in your ear till it splits.
Is it really that hard for you to, at least today,
Put your troubles aside and li…

Plague Me No more

Plague me no more, Emotions of the past
Knock not on my door, Relationships that din`t last
Take no more of what i`ve left, Stain my cheeks no longer
My heart you`ve left bereft, Of any love below or yonder

Plague me no more ,Gut wrenching fear
Of what? I don't know, But it's drawing near
Its eating at me,flushing me, and making me cold
Its love, no hate, still unsure, but its in bold

Plague me no more, foolishness and love
I have no more in store, I give all I have
And to him I gave, my precious heart
Of which he enslaved, then tore apart

Plague me no more, for I've moved on
Nothing's left to gore, nothing to thunder upon
All that's left you in me, Is a glassy white lake
A grey blurred memory, a big mistake

Plague me no more, childish boy
For I've no pore, left for a lovesick toy
What i left in the past, is still there, it's stagnant
Now plague me no more, for you are redundant.

Blunder Friend.

I've seen you grow, I've seen you flounder
We've been in rows, And in all blunders
I've watched you win, And sometimes fail
Watched you try gin, And spit it out again

I loved you once, then hated you forever
And loved you again, to stop it, never
But to see you lose it, what you've worked for
And to stand by, and do nothing at all

I told you once, it bids me to repeat
That whatever it is, ill help you with it
You don't have to ask, I will anyway
I wont stay put and watch you stray

I encouraged it once, Have Fun, I said
I wish to take it back, have it re-phrased
I love you too much, to let you be a statistic
Of those who do drugs, or those bulimic

You'll hate me forever, to this you swear
It's a tiresome for only me burden to bear
But I want you to live, and live it long
And stay in sanity, with me, where you belong

I remember the 15 yr old you
The one who had miracles to do
The one who laughed hard, and loved harder
The one I called my bigger brother

If he saw you now, he'…